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Established in Singapore in 2010 with a team of highly experienced Master Mariners and Chief Engineers, Neptune Fleet Managers Pte Ltd is committed to ensuring customers’ need for quality shipping, logistics and marine services are understood and met. The value of integrity is one of the cornerstones of our operating philosophy. We value long-term relationships with business partners, customers, suppliers and our staff. We are always striving for excellence in everything we do, driven by a sense of urgency and a desire to meet all the service requirements with prototypical solutions. Our corporate signature embodies the professional pride we take when providing customised support with a personal touch. The ability to maintain zero failure is enhanced by our diverse international experience and an in depth understanding of the shipping agency industry.  We have a dedicated team that strives for perfection in providing for the needs of our customers and are on call 24/7.

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Message from The Managing Director

As I look at the growth over the years since our inception in 2010, I am extremely proud of what we have achieved, and even more excited about our outlook for an equally promising future. We have successfully transitioned from a local Singapore start-up company to offices around globe.

We offer expertise that goes beyond “state of the practice”. We are differentiated by our “Can Do” attitude and the fire in our belly. We live with below Work Philosophy

Action Oriented: If there is a job to be done, we believe we should get on with it; in the best way possible and to the best of our ability.

Customer Oriented: We value our customers’ interest in the company and believe we should strive to understand their needs and ensure their satisfaction. We’ll keep our promise to provide quality, expert service to our customer and meet all their expectations based on Neptune. Spirit

Yours Committed,

Engr Shah MHJ

MEO-Class I, MSc (NTU, Singapore), M.SNAMES

Mission & Vision


To provide a competent Ship Management and Shipping agency service experience that guarantees the client’s satisfaction. To deliver integrated services to the shipping, logistic, Marine and related markets at the highest levels of quality and safety.


To be the apparent and only option for Ship Management, Shipping Agency and Marine Logistics in the region and globally. To be recognised as the one stop provider of solutions for all these services.

Our Values

Integrity with dignity are values we at NFM abide by when it comes to our customers and other stakeholders. We are committed to live and breathe these values which instills the vigour for our employees to stay the course in fulfilling our goals and services thereby achieving a personal sense of achievement and pride. We encourage new ideas and innovations that would break through the norm, creating a culture that is vibrant and supportive.This support creates respect and better teamwork.

This business is all about our long term relationships with our customers, vendors, stakeholders and employees. These relationships form our foundations and are an integral part of our value system.

Our Objective

To provide quality Shipping, Logistics and Marine Services through integrity and pride with the customer as our focal point.

Neptune Fleet

We are always striving for excellence in everything we do


Engr Shah MHJ, MEO-Class I, MSc

(NTU, Singapore), M.SNAMES